One thing you should always invest in...

As a mum, or mum to be, you are hounded with things you should buy. Various sleeping aids, different bottles, clothing,  blankets etc.

I can give you a big long list of things that you could buy to make your life easier, but one thing I genuinely think you should buy is good quality thermometer.

Up until this week (my baby is 9 weeks) I hadn't actually used it very much, but since she had her first set of injections, it has been invaluable. Luckily, my baby didn't get a temperature after her injections (however she was very moody and only just forgiven me!) - but we were able to tell this with the use of a digital thermometer.

I now keep mine in the bedroom or changing bag, and can honestly say I use it all the time. At this time of year there are all sorts of colds, flu symptoms going round, and piece of mind is key.

Here are my top options:

A great feature of this one is that not only is it easy to use, with a digital reading, but it has an age feature. Simply enter your child's age and you will get an even more accurate reading.

This one has a feature of saving the past 20 readings. This feature is very useful if you are tracking temperatures over a period of time.

This is ideal for newborns, but also for the whole family. This is an easy to use, not too many bells and whistles style thermometer, with a fever alarm alert if your child's temperature is too hot.

Take a look at these options, I would recommend them all.

Lucy x


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