MAM Baby Bottles

I'm combination feeding my baby, I want her to get the antibodies from breast milk, however as she was premature, I was also keen to monitor how much milk she was taking per feed, and solely breastfeeding just didn't work for us. I'm staying out of the breast v bottle debate as it really isn't my place to say, each mum knows what is best for her baby and herself, however MAM bottles have been a lifesaver for us!


  I won't name and shame, but a very popular bottle type which every baby seems to feed from proved pretty disappointing, they leaked everywhere and resulted in a windy baby and messy feed. Don't get me wrong, I might try them again in the future once my little baby is a bit older (she has only just reached 7lb 2 oz at nearly a month old!) - but for the moment my bottle of choice has to be MAM. The teats are suitable from birth and my baby loved feeding from them, they are also anti colic, which is amazing - you can literally hear the bottles expelling the air before the baby feeds.

 MAM bottles are unique in that are self sterilising, they can be dismantled and popped in the microwave for just three minutes, and then they are ready to go. This was a welcome addition to the benefits, if we are staying at parents or friends houses, it means we don't need to bring our huge steriliser or buy a travel one - we can just take the bottles. If you are in the market for bottles, I can't recommend these enough, they really are worth a purchase. I bought mine from Amazon, but they are available in most baby retailers.

 Lucy x


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