Love to Dream - Baby Swaddle

I can't recommend the Love to Dream Swaddle bags enough.

There are so many conflicting guidelines on the traditional swaddling, do it, don't do it - don't do it at night, the opinions go on and on. When I was shopping for my newborn, I came across this company that has created a swaddle bag that zips up (so easy to put the baby in!) and is approved by midwives and baby experts.

The Swaddle Up not only keeps your baby in a snug, cosy positon, but also allows her to have her arms up, which is incredibly soothing and allows for an enjoyable sleep.

I bought mine from Amazon, for £22.94 including delivery. I opted for grey, but there are several colours available and it is also available in different togs depending on the time of year and climate.
I have used mine since my baby was 4 weeks old - and I can't recommend them enough.


RRP £22.49


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