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Here is a typical day on maternity, I will start the day at midnight - as everyone know timing with a baby can be unpredictable!
Midnight:  Last feed. All is calm in the house, everyone feeling a little tired, but generally positive, and hoping for a full night's sleep.
0300  Baby is stirring, of course I'm awake. I'm laying in bed wondering if she is going to drop back off, or wake up...
0305  Baby has woken up. I stumble out of bed to the Tommee Tippee machine (we have it set up in the bedroom - top tip for bottle feeding mamas) and make her a bottle. Bottle is given to her, and she drifts back off whilst I'm holding her. Back into her crib and she starts snuffling - LOUDLY. Every two mins I'm checking on her to see if she has sicked up over herself...she hasn't - just a noisy sleeper.
At this point I'm wide awake - thinking of all sorts of things that only come to you in the middle of the night, money, the thank you cards that I haven't posted that a…

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